Thursday, October 29, 2015

Step by Step with Anne Marie

Good morning a step by step layout from Anne Marie today.

I have a box of odd photos that for one reason or another were printed and then not used. So I collected a random assortment of me and had a bit of fun trying out a painting technique. Always on the lookout for inspiration, would you believe I actually found this design on the wrapper of a sanitary napkin! LOL J Too much information? Hey, when inspiration strikes you don’t ask questions… you just go with it! 

I used a bamboo skewer to roll the paint onto my cardstock and then dipped a plastic ruler in black paint to create the messy stripes. I like the contrast of black against the bright yellow and pink colour palette. I love these pendant circles (there is a similar one in squares too) which is why, once again, we have “retro” circle photos. How long has it been since you cut a photo into a circle? I also added a few glass beads for a bit of added interest and used stickers, a stencil and YCW alphas for the “me me ME” title. 

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